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Fragrance free soap made with bananas

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All natural, fragrance and colorant free soap. Made with cocoa butter, pureed bananas, goat milk and oatmeal. This is a mild bar of soap that can be used all over the body and the face.
HAND CUT 4 to 5 ounces

INGREDIENTS: saponified oils of olive. coconut, tallow, canola, raw cocoa butter, and castor seed. Goat milk, raw banana, oatmeal and white clay

To Use : Keep your soaps dry in between each use and they will last longer. 

All our bars come wrapped and labeled with full ingredients used.

Our soaps are cold process soaps that are made the old fashioned way. Our soaps do not contain any paraben, petroleum, detergents, chemicals, alcohol or preservatives that are commonly found in commercially made soap.